Friday, 17 July 2020

Working with strings in Go

Strings are implemented as a reference type, though they're immutable.


s := "This is in first line"
s += "\n"
s += "...and this is in the second line"

How do you write multiline strings in Go?

This raw quote (raw literal) does not parse escape sequences (\n would remain):

`line 1
line 2\n
line 3`

It is possible to use formatters though:

fmt.Sprintf(`a = %d`, 123)

Another option:

"line 1" +
"line 2" +
"line 3"

What is the difference between backticks (``) & double quotes (“”) in golang?

String Comparison - use == or !=

Slice string into letters

String Formatting 

s := fmt.Sprintf("a %s", "string")

Go by Example: String Formatting
Extracting substrings in Go

%x - formats value as HEX string with lowercase letters
%X - formats value as HEX string with uppercase letters

var n []byte = ...
s := fmt.Sprinf("%x", n) 

How to print struct variables in console? To print the name of the fields in a struct:

fmt.Printf("%+v\n", myStruct)

To convert string to byte array use:

s string
buffer := []byte(s)


fmt.Println("Table names:", tableNames)

SPACE character is automatically inserted between these two strings.

Golang - How to print the values of Arrays?

fmt.Printf("%v", projects)


%+v - prints struct’s field names (if value is a struct)

Go string = byte sequence, UTF-8 encoded
Unicode UTF-8 code point = 1-4 bytes (1 for ASCII)
rune = int32 => can store each UTF-8 code point 

Unicode string example: en dash & Chinese letter 

package main

import (

func main() {
s := "\u2013汉"
fmt.Printf("Character %s has %d bytes, %d UTF-8 code points", s, len(s), len([]rune(s)))


Character –汉 has 6 bytes, 2 UTF-8 code points

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