Monday 8 July 2024

Google Cloud DNS and Cloud CDN


DNS (Domain Name Service) is what translates internet hostnames to addresses. is a free Google public DNS.

Cloud DNS
  • DNS service for internet hostnames and addresses of applications built in Google Cloud
  • managed DNS service (like AWS Route53)
  • runs on the same infrastructure as Google
  • has low latency
  • high availability
  • cost-effective way to make our applications and services available to our users
  • DNS information we publish is served from redundant locations around the world
  • programmable: we can publish and manage millions of DNS zones and records using the Cloud Console, the command-line interface, or the API. 

Edge caching refers to the use of caching servers to store content closer to end users. 

Cloud CDN

  • Google's global system of edge caches (like Amazon CloudFront)
  • Used to accelerate content delivery in our application
    • our customers will experience lower network latency
    • the origins of our content will experience reduced load
  • can be enabled with a single checkbox, after HTTP(S) Load Balancing is set up

Some other CDNs are part of Google Cloud’s CDN Interconnect partner program, and we can continue to use it.

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