Friday 23 April 2021

How to link Google Colab with GitHub

Create a GitHub repository in which you want to keep Colaboratory notebooks.
Go to and add your GitHub account.

GitHub website window will open asking you to accept Colab's access to your GitHub account.
Once accepted that window will close and back in a popup window above will contain a list of all repositories in connected GitHub account. Select the one you created. As it's currently empty, there are no notebooks in there, it will show "No results".

If you create a notebook in Colab ( and want to add it to that GitHub repo, go to Colab's tab in the browser, File >> Save a copy in GitHub. 

After this, this notebook will appear in the list of notebooks available to be loaded into Colab:

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Anonymous said...

Go to the Colab tab in the browser, File >> Save a copy in GitHub, to add a notebook you've created in Colab ( to that GitHub repository.