Friday 21 September 2018

How to use "Insert JIRA Issue/Filter" macro in Confluence

To add Insert JIRA Issue/Filter macro in Confluence follow the steps as in this image:

When using this macro in Confluence, it is better to use filter ID rather than JQL. JQL con contain various values which can change in time e.g. the name of the fixVersion field or project name etc...If we change JQL string in JIRA we have to change it everywhere we used it in Confluence. If we use in Confluence filter ID (which is actually JQL query ID), the only place we have to make a change is JQL in JIRA - filter ID remains the same.

Make sure that filter in JIRA is set to be shared e.g. with anyone logged-in. This will allow Confluence to execute filter in JIRA and display all JIRA tasks from it.

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