Friday, 7 October 2011

Conditional compilation of resource file in Visual Studio

How to use different resources in different build configurations, having a single resource file in project? 
Answer: define different resource file preprocessor symbols for different configurations.

1. Open your project in Visual Studio 2008

2. Right click on resource script file (e.g. app.rc) and select "Properties"

3. At the top of the property page, select one platform like "Win32" or "x64".

4. In the left menu bar, select [Configuration Properties] / [Resources] / [General].

5. In the "Preprocessor Definitions" field, add "WIN32" for "Win32" platform and "WIN64" for "x64" platform. The field value will become "WINXX;_UNICODE;UNICODE". (XX will be 32 or 64)

6. Click OK to close the window.

7. Right click on resource script file (e.g. app.rc) and select "View Code".

8. In the code editor, add #ifdef and #elif to conditionally include resources when compiling. Use "WIN32" and "WIN64" preprocessor definitions that we defined just now. 

Here is a sample code:
#ifdef WIN32
   IDB_BITMAP1             BITMAP                  "bitmap1.bmp"
   IDB_BITMAP2             BITMAP                  "bitmap2.bmp"
#elif WIN64
   IDR_TOOLBAR1         BITMAP                   "toolbar1.bmp"
   IDI_ICON1                  ICON                       "icon1.ico"

9. Save the resource script file and compile the project in different platforms.


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