Wednesday 10 August 2011

MFC and strings

MFC framework uses CString and LPCTSTR as string data types. Code that uses MFC should therefore follow this convention and use these data types. Parts of code (possibly data/model or engine/controller parts) might be shared and portable and they should be using standard C++ string type (STL string). Conversion between MFC and standard strings is easy.

There is a MFC convention of how to pass strings as function arguments and how to return them:
- string as function input parameter: use LPCTSTR. e.g. SetName(LPCTSTR pszName);
- string as function out parameter: use CString&. e.g. GetName(CString sName);
- string as function return type: use const CString&. e.g. const CString& GetName();

Useful links and references:
Strings: CString Argument Passing
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